What is Ozone?

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What is Ozone?

Ozone is an unstable gas consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is a very high energy form of oxygen (O2) in the diatomic atmosphere.

The formation of ozone gas in nature is caused by ultraviolet rays coming from the sun breaking down the oxygen in the atmosphere or lightning breaking down the oxygen. As ozone gas is heavier than air, it descends to the earth and cleans the air in a natural way. Especially on rainy or stormy days, the smell that we feel is the most intense form of ozone on earth.

Ozone gas oxidation is very high and known to be the most powerful disinfectant and does not leave any harmful residue to the human body compared to other disinfection methods have been used widely in recent years.

Ozone, which is very effective against micro organisms, has limited effect as life forms grow.

On humans and animals, the harmful effect is not within the limits of the FDA (0.1 PPM ratio is required). Ozone has no harmful effects on plants.

Ozone gas is much more powerful than other disinfectant methods. Ozone breaks down the cell walls of organisms and has a destructive effect on all known viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and molds.

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